Perforating | paper | manually operated | numbers

For permanent and indelible marking in one operation. Forms, labels, receipt blocks, documents, passports, etc. can be marked for example with a datea number or adesignation.
The machines from this series are recommended for perforations consisting of a frequently changing combination of numbers or letters or if markings of variable length or design are required. The machines are manufactured according to your specifications.
The wheels may contain bumbers, letters or symbols and in most cases an additional blank space with which unused digits are excluded from perforation inserting a blank space instead.
In the standard version the machines are manufactured with 6 wheels in a figure height of 5.5, 6.5, 7, 8.5 or 10 mm.
The standard equioment comprises adjustable rear and side gauges.
Up to 3 lines, one below the other, can be perforated in one operation; a firm text can be installed above or below, in front or behind the wheel block.
With 6 digits in 7, 8.5 or 10 mm charakter height, the capacity is about 25 sheets of 70g/m² paper.

In case of order please state whether the perforation is to appear in the top or in the bottom of forms.
For example , if the lower edge of the document is being perforated, the die unit and wheels are manufactured upside down and in mirror face thus allowing the perforation to appear legibly.